It is no longer news that the Coronavirus Pandemic has thrown the world into a state of confusion and so many businesses had to suffer along the line. However, while so many people lost their jobs and source of income, most people have seen the pandemic period as a time where they have to challenge themselves into starting a business and becoming their boss. It’s more like taking their destiny into their hands, rather than wait on someone to employ them again. While most people are complaining and facing difficulties, some are busy thinking of new ways to earn a living and take advantage of the pandemic.

Going by the history of the world, people tend to succeed in starting up a business at a time when the world is facing some difficulties. This might sound impossible, but it is true because most people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic have become more determined to turn their hobby or imagination into a business. However, have it in mind that starting a business during a pandemic is similar to starting a business any other time, the only difference is, you need to think of what people will need during and after the pandemic, and in most cases, the kind of business to start should be something you can operate from the comfort of your home.

Have you ever thought of starting a business in this pandemic period but yet to get any headway? You are not alone in this; most people are willing but don’t know how to start or go about it.

However, reading further, you will realize some expert tips that will help you make your dream business become a reality.

1. Self-reflection

When you begin to consider starting a business, you need to take your time to reflect on your life, and the potentials you have and think about the best business ideas to start. Self-reflection is more like you searching yourself and knowing what you can do perfectly. Think about the people around you, what do you think they need? Think about the world and the pandemic, will your business idea be the solution to that problem? The truth is that business idea of yours might not be something new, but how you go about it, is what makes the difference. The good thing is, you have all the time in the world to have a self-reflection and come up with something great. You have lots of options to explore, and while reflecting, you will realize the potentials you have.

2. Go for a business that people need

While you are so keen about bringing your passion into reality, you need to realize that you need first to consider what people need before your passion. You might think about starting a food store or a grocery store, and knowing that people are following the rules of social distancing, no one might walk into your food store or your grocery store it’s simple, open an online store. People spend more time on the internet in recent times, and everyone is ordering things online. Hence, starting an online store and doing door to door delivery is perfect. Even after the pandemic, which is still very much in place, your business will remain standing. Note, that no business is an island; hence, there is other competition out there, but what matters most is how you package your business. You need to think about the business that will thrive and withstand trying periods.

3. Determine your budget

Another thing that discourages people from starting a business is finance. Most people make the mistake of thinking about the difficulty involved in getting a loan first before even mapping out their budget, which is a wrong start. Once you have made up your mind on what business to start, you need to determine your budget by jotting down the things that you will need for the business to kick start. However, once you are done, you need to source for funds, and getting a loan is the easiest way to source the funds you need. The good thing is, there are various loan platforms now that can give you a loan with ease. However, while at it, you should realize that there are various businesses you can start with little or no cost; hence, there might be no need to get a loan in the first place.

4. Research about your competition

Like earlier stated, no business is an island; before you thought of starting that business, someone else has started it already. So, you need to research and see how your competitors are doing. Go online, do thorough research, see what various competitors are doing and what makes one better than the other. That way, you can be aware of what you need to do differently that will make you excel even amid stiff competition.

5. Ask for help

Once you have decided on the kind of business to venture into and your budget has been drawn, your next step is to ask for help. You don’t need to be scared of asking for a helping hand because it is necessary. There are other things you need to put in place before the business starts officially. You need to think about creating an online store, good graphics for your store, as well as marketing strategies to make your business known in the market. All of this cannot be done alone, so you need to ask for help or get a consultant that will assist you in putting everything in order and also put you through somethings you might know.


Starting a business during a pandemic might be like a big deal, but all you need is determination, and you are good to go. The journey might not be as easy as you figured it would be because you will need to do lots of brainstorming, come up with a business plan, and so many other things that need to be put in place. Some people employ the services of business experts to help them navigate the new waters. However, these tips listed above are to help ease the stress you might go through in starting up a business.