It is hard to determine, exactly, what the future of world economies hold; we only have predictions here and there. One thing is certain, however, businesses will proceed unending and transactions abound.

To make maximum profit, an entrepreneur has to intelligently organize the factors of production in terms of labor, capital, and space in order to dish out the best worth of goods and services.

Manipulating these factors doesn’t happen by just knowing how alone but putting in the work. One key move to rake in more profit is lesser spending.

Lower business costs equal higher profits. Every currency bill you can shave off your business adds up to your gains.

In this vein, here are five practical tips on reducing business expenses.

Cut Down on Production Expenditure

Money spent on procuring raw materials is part of expenses from which a business owner can reduce spending. Look out for suppliers that offer quality materials at a reasonable price. Do not be skeptical about comparing prices; it is part of business rudiments. If you can get a bargain, it is a plus move. Always keep tabs on people who can supply you with the best and affordable materials around. It doesn’t end there, though.

When the raw materials get into your hands, there is more you can do. In the process of production, some materials may be fabric, cartons, or paper pulp are leftover. Find those who need them; you become their supplier of some sort, and you will make extra cash off such trades. Sending the remnants to the recycle bins is a rather wasteful step to take.

Excess business space is also relevant to making revenue. In the case where you have some unused areas on your site, put them up for lease. Regardless of the size of the space, someone out there needs it. This way, you can get rent payments that will ease the production burden.

Engage in Minimal Financing

This point buttresses the idea of getting cheaper raw materials. Although, business financing goes beyond procuring production supplies. Choose insurance policies and financial initiatives that will help you save.

Compare insurance policy providers and fish out the best rates possible. Tap into the enviable and foolproof ones or consult with your current policyholders about adjusting their rates. Also, ensure that your insurance is just enough to cater for any eventualities, that you are not over-insured or under a far-reaching, unnecessary coverage.

The business expansion should be done carefully. The likely benefits which must include consideration of the nature of the market at that time need proper examination. Expansion usually demands a business owner to take loans. A good analysis will allow him/her to finance debts easily, and quickly. A company wallowing in debt will earn poor ratings, discouraging interest rates on further borrowing, and lower chances of obtaining loans.

Focus on Your Strengths

Actively work on the aspects in which you are proficient. Accumulating jobs that you have little or no knowledge about exhausts the quality time you could spend on doing less and doing them well.

A thorough focus on where your expertise lies saves time and peaks your productivity.

In another light, you might have so much work as time goes on. Do not reject the additional jobs! You can subcontract. Give the job to a fellow business willing to do it on your terms. Eventually, you are able to channel your resources and skills effectively. Even on the spillover jobs, you still make profits. The act of lowering product costs at its very best.

Efficient Time Strategies

There is absolutely no doubt that time optimization cuts down production costs. Time is money and any time wasted is profit lost.  So tick, tock; work, work.

  • Employ productivity-tracking software like Paymo and Toggl to monitor the resourcefulness of your workers during business hours.
  • Certain applications like Rescue Time and Focus Booster are useful, likewise, to keep everyone on their toes.
  • With such apps, you can rate how much they do in terms of productivity and output and address the appropriate quarters.
  • Create schedules for your employees to engage in activities like meetings and give time frames for their completion. It keeps them time-conscious in all they do.
  • More profit is surely accrued after taking these steps. Employees that meet their set targets should be encouraged with incentives. Others who are dawdling will also see the reward system and strive to up their game.

In the end, everybody on the team is working ceaselessly and cost-efficiency is achieved.

Harness Modern Technologies

Technology has made the world a global village. People overseas can converse and seal business deals without leaving their comfort zones. Integrate technology into your business.

Virtual meetings are very instrumental in every sector now. All business meetings can hold in real-time with a mobile device and a steady Wi-Fi network. Doing a virtual business saves transportation fees and other added costs that may arise.

In the office space, documents can be stored to a central point. Applications like Google Docs (Drive included) and Basemap allow everyone has access to the same files on their computers. There is no need for having filling cabinets and heaps of paperwork.

Your business needs constant publicity to attract customers. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are sufficient advertising platforms with wide coverage, stop spending on traditional advertisements.


The ability to lower business expenses is tantamount to making more and more profit in the coming years. You definitely want to rake in gains from your business and these steps, if well-executed, will keep you winning. Hopefully, the tips in this post will set you on the right path and help you minimize expenses while running your business. Follow me at C S Chow & Co for more tips about reducing your business expenses and other great business tips.