We are pleased to announce that C S Chow & Co has been appointed as an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) by the Singapore Accountancy Commission. As an ATO, we are recognised by the SAC as having the appropriate working environment and mentoring support for staff who wish to undertake the Singapore QP. C S Chow & Co supports the Singapore QP as we believe that it will raise the professional standards of our staff. In line with the CDAS Final Report, we also believe that the Singapore QP will attract talent from all disciplines to join C S Chow & Co and aspire to be Chartered Accountants of Singapore. Mr. Henry Chow will be our Training Principal for purposes of the Singapore QP. He will have the overall responsibility for supervising the training of Singapore QP candidates in C S Chow & Co.

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Need help preparing your tax return? Our tax preparation process focuses on efficiency and accuracy. Get tax help from seasoned professionals and make the most of your tax refund, whether you’re filing your personal or business returns. We’re committed to ensuring our clients receive the quality service they deserve and offer audit guarantees on all of our prepared returns.


We provide detailed management consulting and guidance for business leaders while simultaneously building and maintaining a trusted, reciprocal relationship. Our advisory and consulting services help you, along with your company, develop long-term objectives using specific strategies, evaluate and implement ongoing activities, and establish recommendations. We also help offices with efficiency by going green in our paperless transition advisory solutions, in addition to specializing in medical practice consulting.


We can help with ongoing monthly book-keeping while you concentrate on maximising pofits.Take advantage of our industry-leading technology that allows you to track and access your data at any time, anywhere, pulled by our team of experts with decades of experience

The world of tax resolution services is wide, varied and can be quite complicated for taxpayers!

Accredited Tax Practitioner.

We draw on our experience, judgment and diverse perspectives to help clients address their toughest challenges so that their businesses could create long-term growth for tomorrow.
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